Benefit Consultants Group’s valuable investment tools and open architecture meets the diverse needs of its clients.

Investment Options

  • Open Architecture Platform—Exactly What You Need
    Our open architecture platform has more than 21,000 mutual fund alternatives, ETF’s, Insurance Platforms and Individual Brokerage options offering best-in-class asset management without limitations.
  • Independent Objectivity
    Our investment platform allows you to independently, and objectively, select those investment options which meet the diverse needs of your clients.
  • Changing Investment Options
    With BCG, you will always have the ability to make prudent investment decisions—based on what is best for the plan—without having to wrestle with the decision to change providers.

Valuable Investment Tools

  • Plan Sponsor and Advisor Tools:
    We provide a robust offering of data and tools to navigate through the vast investment landscape. 
  • Participant Tools:
    Online Investment Information and Account Access
    Participants have 24/7access to investment and account information. They are able to diversify their portfolio as market conditions change, rebalance investment allocations and manage their account. For questions, participants can call our Participant Services department at (800) 524-401k, option 4. Representatives are available 8 a.m. - 8 p.m. EST.
  • Helping to Make the Right Choices
    We want to help participants navigate the difficult savings and investment decisions of retirement planning and offer various investment tools to make these choices.
    • MasteryPOINT AdvicePlus is a web-based advice and planning tool program. It allows participants to determine if they are saving enough in order to meet their retirement income objectives. It also helps determine an appropriate asset allocation based on each participant’s risk tolerance and return.
    • Provide articles and newsletters designed to educate and empower participants about retirement investing.
    • Offer a suite of financial planning calculators and tools.