Benefit Consultants Group’s administrative services will keep your retirement plan running smoothly.

From plan design and implementation through on going administration, Benefit Consultants Group can handle every aspect of a retirement plan.


Once a retirement plan is in place, we keep it operating smoothly and seamlessly. We stay on top of  changes in  an ever changing regulatory environment—to ensure you have the resources and guidance to keep your plan compliant, now and into the future.

We understand the critical importance of efficient administration in the management of complex issues concerning a retirement plan. We will ensure that all the services associated with the management of a retirement plan are handled with maximum efficiency, accuracy, and a high level of responsiveness. These services include:


  • Signature Ready 5500
  • Electronic 5500 filing
  • Year-end compliance testing
  • QNEC and QMAC calculations
  • Participant loan administration
  • Participant distributions
  • Tax withholding and reporting
  • Assistance with fiduciary due diligence
  • Comprehensive administrative guide
  • Provision of legal updates
  • Trustee services

Plan Document Support

  • Prototype plan documents
  • Volume submitter plan documents
  • Custom plan documents
  • Non-Qualified plan documents (Deferred Comp, 457)
  • Adoption agreements
  • Summary Plan Descriptions (SPD)
  • IRS filing
  • Plan amendment services
  • Plan restatement services
  • Document review
  • Document mapping services
  • Consultations on default provisions/common elections