Benefit Consultants Group (BCG) offers a complete suite of tools and services for retirement plan advisors.

Take advantage of this free innovative tool to take a transparent look at a client’s retirement plan.
Let Benefit Consultants Group’s X-Ray technician review your plan and make some suggestions to ensure your client’s plan is on the right track!

What does the 401(k) X-Ray Provide?

• Unparalleled knowledge of all aspects of retirement plans
• Consulting and guidance for advisors
• An evaluation of all elements of a plan
• Suggestions to fit a company’s objectives
• A detailed report with a recommendation for any changes

Win New Business

Differentiate yourself from your competitors by presenting a technical review of the prospective plan prepared by an ASPPA Qualified 401(k) Administrator. Whether you’re looking into a new retirement plan for your client or discussing taking over their existing plan —leverage our expertise to gain a competitive advantage.  

A Value-Added Service

Adds additional value to your existing retirement plans to increase loyalty and decrease the possibility of a competitor conquering your account! 401(k) X-Ray breaks down the various components in a retirement plan and creates a step-by-step approach to help you present the best retirement plan for your client.

 Do It For Me

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