The Power of Partnering
See how we're a perfect fit...

Who knew working together could be so rewarding...$$$

Since 1958, BCG has developed working relationships with businesses of all kinds. We believe organizations are often able to offer more together than they are separately.

We’re looking for synergistic opportunities that will expand our offerings, offer revenue enhancement, or deliver cost savings.  If you know of someone who is looking to expand their business or seeking succession strategies, BCG is the right fit for them! 

How BCG is partnering with organizations:

  • Providing acquisition and business succession opportunities
  • Providing recordkeeping and administrative outsourcing
  • ERISA consulting
  • Various merger and partnership strategies

Reward yourself by referring an opportunity to BCG!

To learn more about this Partnership Program, please call Beau Adams, Executive Vice President of Business Development at 856-393-1920.