BCG University

BCG University will provide you with training on the latest changes in the financial and retirement service industries.

At Benefit Consultants Group, we understand the value of continuing education. We know the success of our business and your benefit program is directly tied to our employees’ knowledge, skills and professionalism.

In response to this need, we created BCG University; an in-house training program offering courses that promote personal and professional development and keep our staff up-to-date on the latest changes in the financial and retirement service industries. BCG University courses are offered to our partners and clients as well.  Take advantage of this remarkable resource.

Our courses are presented by recognized leaders in the industry including trainers from the Department of Labor, FINRA, ASPPA, VISTAGE, professional educators and our talented staff. So whether you just want to brush up on current changes in the retirement industry, or need continuing education credits, you can count on BCG to supply you with the expertise you’ll need.

The following is a sampling of the courses offered:

  • Eligibility & Allocations Requirements
  • Cash Balance & Controlled Groups
  • Census History
  • Creating New Loans
  • Integrated Allocations
  • Pension Protection Act Updates
  • Working with Divisions
  • Employer Contribution Optimizer
  • Catch-Up Contributions
  • Gap Period Income
  • Hardship Distributions
  • Loan Terminations
  • Working with Investment Models
  • Working with Plan Status Codes